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Category: PixNet Art-Net to SPI


Compatible with all good Art-Net and sACN software

The PixNet Pro long-range SPI controller allows users to control up to 16,320 RGB LED Pixels over Art-Net.

Our standard controllers allow a total of 4080 RGB LED Pixels per unit and are short-range controllers.

PixNet Art-Net to SPI devices are either long range or short range and have their own applications.

long-range will allow up to 300m of cat5 cable to transmit data to the long-range receiver cards before outputting SPI.

Short-range SPI controllers, direct from the output allow a recommended maximum of 3 meters to the first pixel.

We recommend users talk to us about there application so we can advise on the best solution for your project.

When working with Digital Pixel Controllers and Art-Net to SPI controllers please note and art-net generator is required.