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Mosaic TPC-RIO


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Mosaic TPC-RIO


The Unison Mosaic Tessera Panel Controller Remote Input/Output (TPC-RIO) interface simplifies the installation of a Mosaic control system. With line-voltage power input, it provides power and data communication for a Unison Mosaic Tessera Panel Controller (TPC), all in one device.

When DMX output is required, the TPC needs a way to convert Ethernet data to DMX. The TPC-RIO delivers all of the inputs and outputs needed for the controller, allowing the TPC to interface with a lighting control system via DMX. The versatile interface also provides connections for a DALI interface, eight contact closures and bidirectional RS232 serial, creating a standalone lighting-control system with no additional setup or wiring.

The TPC-RIO can be used alongside the TPC in a larger Mosaic control system, so multiple controllers and remote devices can be included in complex installations.

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