PixLite A4-S MK3 – Digital Pixel Controller

24 Universes of Art-Net or sACN
4 Powered Pixel Outputs
Over 50+ Pixel Protocols Supported
microSD Card Slot for Record & Playback*
Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Auxiliary Port for DMX512 In/Out
Configure Using Any Web Browser or
Advatek Assistant 3 Software*
Smart Electronic Fuses on Pixel Outputs
Electrical Fault Protection on All Ports
Current Measuring on all Pixel Outputs




The PixLite A4-S Mk3 is a powerful pixel LED controller built upon Advatek’s 3rd generation PixLite Mk3 processor. The
feature set of this processor are too significant to fit here, explore in the PixLite Mk3 Processor Datasheet.
The PixLite A4-S Mk3 drives up to 6 universes of data on each of its 4 outputs for a total of 24 universes of LED pixel
control via its easily accessible and removable screw terminal blocks. Each pixel output handles a sizable current
load and is fully equipped with Smart Electronic Fusing, so you’ll never have to replace a fuse again.




Simplify your network infrastructure by daisy chaining
PixLite controllers together. Maintain high network
reliability by optionally connecting a redundant
Ethernet line to any loop with a suitable switch.
Ethernet ports are fully equipped with a Universe Data
Hardware Firewall to ensure your PixLite can
constantly perform at its peak.



Versatile RS485 Auxiliary port can be used as either an
input or an output.
As an output, connect DMX512 devices to the port and
control them via sACN or Art-Net. As an input, connect
a DMX512 source directly to the PixLite and use DMX512
as the data source for your pixels.
Also use a DMX512 source as an input to the device, to
trigger other operational behaviour*.



Add your own microSD card to record pixel shows for
stand-alone playback.



Features electrical fault protection on all ports
resulting in higher reliability and fewer equipment
failures. See details on next page.



All pixel outputs are capable of up to 7A of pass
through current and are equipped with Smart
Electronic Fuses that will trip when over-current is
detected, and automatically attempt to re-enable
power output, removing the need to replace a
physical fuse.
The solid aluminium base of the enclosure doubles as
a heatsink, dissipating heat generated from high
current installations and maintaining device integrity
in high ambient temperatures.



For your absolute peace of mind, all Mk3 products
come with a 5-year warranty. All products need to be
used and installed in accordance with their designed
purpose and operating environment. Please register
your product on our website.

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