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Remote I/O Modules

ETC Mosaic Remote I/O Modules

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Remote I/O Modules

Expand your reach.

The Mosaic Remote Input/Output Modules (MRIOs) expand the advanced show-control capabilities of the system in interactive installations, allowing lighting and AV to respond instantly to the environment or viewer. As accessories to the Mosaic Show Controllers? (MSCs), Mosaic Show Controller X? (MSCX), all three MRIO devices offer an integrated, bi-directional serial port (RS232/RS485) for interfacing to third-party equipment or systems and employ familiar, simple and reliable Ethernet-wiring topology with IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Up to 100 MRIO modules can co-exist on a network as part of a distributed system.

Mosaic MRIO 8/0

When you need to accept discrete triggers from third-party equipment to complete your system, choose the MRIO 8/0. Featuring eight configurable Tri-Mode inputs, the MRIO 8/0 accepts almost any input from the necessary equipment: digital-active high, digital-active low or contact closure.

Mosaic MRIO 4/4

When you need both input triggers and control over other devices in the same location, choose the MRIO 4/4. Featuring both relay outputs and configurable Tri-Mode inputs, the MRIO 4/4 allows you to integrate with almost any third-party device.

Mosaic MRIO 0/8

When you need to issue commands to third-party devices (such as building-automation and alarm systems, effects controllers, and automation) rely on the MRIO 0/8 with eight fully isolated relay outputs.

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