Canary Wharf Ice Rink
Canary Wharf Ice Rink

Pixels On Ice

The Canary Wharf ice rink is one of London’s largest and most popular outdoor ice rinks and between November and February visitors enjoy the temporary attraction brought to life by Run Wild Media.

Each year, Run Wild Media’s Giles Elwood creates a uniquely different visual experience so that visitors experience it afresh each season. Elwood approached TLS Lighting with just that brief: to create something visually new that would work in harmony with the ice rink’s freezer system.

Working within elwood’s design parameters, TLS Lighting supplied 1,500 metres of PT32 LED Tape with extra IP protection, 16 Pixnet Pro controllers, a Media Server and all the Mean Well SP320-24 power supplies, to place 55,000 pixels across the icy installation.”

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Elwood’s design comprised interlocking triangles and these were realised by TLS Lighting in a custom-designed aluminium rig. TLS fully mapped the structure, creating a striking fully illuminated canopy over the rink.

Laying LED tape between the chiller pipes that freeze the ice, the thermal impact had to be calculated and those calculations had to be correct. Too much tape or cable and the heat output would stop the water from freezing.

Two days after the London Fire Brigade had filled the rink with high-pressure hoses the rink froze and proved the TLS team’s mathematical problem solving to be spot on leaving just the impressive visual display of animated LED for the skaters of London to enjoy.