Our ongoing work with merlin entertainments.

From roller-coaster cafe to the London Eye and its subterranean aquarium, TLS Lighting has been providing Lighting and Control systems for its spectacular displays for over 5 years.

In that time we have worked on a number of holiday displays, permanent fixtures and out right crazy designs.

You can now read the ever-growing story of what we are doing. 

The Aquarium

Many hours of preparation work were used to get the product ready for installation at the Aquarium, the exhibit visible in the pictures above are from the amazing Jellyfish section, LED pixels were provided and installed into resin jellyfish suspended from the ceiling, long flailing tentacles were built into the ceiling and every tank had a futuristic glow around the outside, all combined the experience walking through was amazing.

The London Eye Pier

Visible at night and used to create effects on the walkways surrounding the london eye it also adds an amazing effect to the water below, these lights are used throughout the year and have spectacular designs on holiday events.

The fixtures comprise of two rows of LED pixels are were designed and built especially for this project, water and salt resistance were key features.

Not only were they specially designed to fit into the railing but we also ensured that they can link into the already available Advatek control systems, this ensured everything worked as planned. 

Christmas 2019

The christmas walkway lighting was designed with a magical touch in mind, over 20 trees have been covered in multicoloured led pixel strings to allow for some amazing effects.

yet again another string of systems designed to be easily integrated with existing control systems

TLS Lighting, LED Lighting and control systems

Christmas 2020